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I Believe In You


I saw you in a dream, but you were drifting in the mist

Too far away for me to follow, then you blew to me a kiss

And something broke within me, shattered all the ice around my heart

And then I knew I loved you, and we should never be apart.


I leapt into the sea. The waves came rushing back to shore.

The current dragging me, but I was yours for evermore.

And so I fought against the rising tide, and saw your hands reach out to me

Then felt your body warm against mine for all eternity.


When I awoke, my bed without you was just an empty space.

I rose and looked for you and wiped the teardrops from my face.

And there you were, a kiss away, and now I know that I will stay.

For I believe you that you love me. I believe in you.

I believe, I believe, I believe in you.

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