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You thought I’d be another lonely woman

Longing for your touch, waiting for you to call,

And I thought it could be that you were different,

Someone who really cared, oh yes, you said you cared.


But now I know alone is how I want to be

I do not need you, and I prefer it that way.

My life’s my own, the grass is green, the birds are calling me,

And I am free. Yes, I am free.


I will not listen for the telephone to ring

Or for the footstep at my door behind the setting sun.

My bed is warm enough without you. It fits me snugly,

As your body once did, too, when all I wanted was to be with you.


But now the past is dead and buried.

It’s just the truth I want. It’s all I ever needed.

And I am strong because I gave to you more than you asked me to,

And I am free. Yes I am free.

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