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I'm an INTODogs Certified Canine Behaviourist, with a distinction in canine psychology. I'm the principal of The International School for Canine Psychology & Behaviour (The ISCP), which provides distance learning courses and is globally approved by several bodies as a training college. The ISCP is also an education vendor for Pet Professional Guild.

I'm Chair of The Association of INTO Dogs, and until recently I was on the Education Committee for the Pet Professional Guild. I'm also a member of Pet Dog Trainers of Europe and The National Register of Dog Trainers and Behaviourists. I founded the Dog Welfare Alliance, which promotes dog welfare and helps to fund rescue shelters, and I originally set up DIAL, The Dog Helpline, a global dog helpline, which is now run by Theo StewartI work with rescue shelters, and also privately with owners of all breeds of dogs.

I also support a number of rescue organisations around the world. In my rescue shelter work I provide post-homing support for foster-carers and adopters of rescue dogs, assess and spend time with dogs waiting in kennels for new homes, and bring foster dogs into my own home for rehabilitation. I specialise in rescue dogs who have been abandoned, traumatised or abused, and in street dogs and feral dogs. My role is to help owners to discover how to build bridges of mutual trust, understanding and affection. I also works closely with veterinary surgeons.

The methods that I use are based on developing an insight into the dog's mind and seeing the situation from the dog's perspective. Building trust, positive reinforcement methods, a redefining of boundaries where necessary, dietary advice and a calm, caring approach are the tools that I works with. I sometimes incorporate Bach Flower Remedies in cases where animals have been traumatised or distressed.

Sub-sections of this page include articles and a 24 page booklet called 'Adopting a Rescue Dog' that you are welcome to download.

There are also public Facebook pages for The International School for Canine Psychology & Behaviour, the Dog Welfare AllianceThe Dog Helpline and INTO Dogs that anyone interested in dogs is very welcome to join. 

A video in memory of Orla, one of my beautiful rescue greyhounds, Orla, can be found on YouTube. This tribute to a dog who had suffered terrible abuse until her adoption, aged 9.5 years, was made with the intention of celebrating Orla's life and in the hope that more people will consider adopting an ex-racing greyhound. Since Orla's passing I have fostered many more dogs, and adopted two more rescue Greyhounds and Charlie, a Romanian feral dog who is the subject of my latest non-fiction book, Charlie, the Dog Who Came in from the Wild.



Orla 9/9/99 to 20/1/10


Learning recall


 Forging friendships


 A badly traumatised rescue greyhound learns about trust


Learning to listen to her carer



 Overcoming an eating disorder

 Puppy training


Teaching two new dogs to enjoy each other's company


 With Skye and feral dog Charlie